diploma600As a student of postgraduate studies, and a scholar of the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia and as a research associate from 2003-2011. Dr Miloš Milovančević was engaged as a researcher on the implementation of scientific research projects

At Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Niš, participated in the teaching process in the field of: "Exploitation and Maintenance of Railway Vehicles", "Tribology", "Tribology of Mechanical Systems", "Monitoring and Protection of Mechanical Systems", "Modeling and Simulation of Mechanical Systems" Technical Diagnostics "and" Testing of Mechanical Systems ".

16.05.2011 was elected as a assistant professor and as a associate professor was elected on 18.04.2016. year. As a associate professor, has several subjects at basic academic, master and doctoral studies.

At the basic academic studies of Mechanical Engineering is engaged in the following subjects: Technical Diagnostics, Testing of welded joints, and Master studies on subjects: Examination of welded structures, Product development, and Technical diagnostics. In addition, has been engaged in the study profile of Engineering Management in the following subjects: Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Contemporary Business Communications, Human Resources Management and Master Studies: Marketing and Branding, International Project Management, Business Bond, Public Relations, Human Resource Management on the Project .

A mentor of a many master thesis at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Niš on the study profiles of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management.